Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dad's contribution

Every so often, I'm fortunate enough to have some skilled help. My Dad was out here for a week in May and provided some very nice help. I have two exterior stairwells on my house. One leads to the basement apartment I rent out, and the other to a family room of sorts. They didn't have anything preventing little kids from falling down into them, and the city asked me to in essence fence them in.

So, after a lot of measuring, thinking and buying materials, the project got started. We had to attach "supports" to the old pipe handrails, and to the concrete. Drilling concrete is one rotten job, especially if you don't have a hammer drill. It is really good at burning up bits (even those made for concrete).

My Dad did almost all the work, and did a good job. My thanks to him. Maybe my homeowners liability will go down?? (wishful thinking)