Thursday, September 06, 2007

Refinishing the Computer Room Floor

Finally--this computer room is done. The fir floors have been refinished and look great. Sorry these pictures are in reverse order. We had taken off the carpet and pulled up ancient linoleum a couple years ago, and had removed what glue we could. After that, I left it covered with a floor rug for a long time. Other projects took precedence. This summer the bug struck to get it done. I got our computer desk, etc out of the room, and rented a floor sander and edger. It took a 40, 60 and 80 grit to complete the task. Then I borrowed a friends orbital macine and screened the floor, which made it much smoother. We used an amber shellac as a stain, then put on "Traffic" an epoxy hardened polyurethane. Great stuff. Since I had extra, we cleaned the dining room floor and put a layer on there too. It takes 7 days for the hardening process to wrap up. Then I moved my bedroom furniture in, and am preparing to refinish the maple floors in there.
I had to put some spray insulation under the baseboards, then put in some quarter round, and now I can call the room complete. I can finally say I know what I'm doing with a floor sander. This project went real well, and I don't have divots in this floor.