Monday, December 10, 2007

"Put" back together

Our house has finally been put back together. No more bedrooms swapped, no more computer room stuffed into my Sons' bedroom. No more boxes on the window seat. I was so tired of all of that stuff. The house is clean, organized, and looking good. It also feels bigger without the "clog" of things where they don't belong.
The other improvement was a "breakfast bar" (small version) in our kitchen. My mother gave me a present for Christmas of a maple hinged table and 2 matching stools from IKEA. IKEA isn't an arts and crafts paradise, but it sure is fun, and there are so many things to pick from. When I saw it I realized it would do something I wanted for our kitchen--give us a place to sit in it. Usually, all our eating is done in the dining room, and the cook works alone. Now we have spots for folks to sit and talk to the cook, and to eat breakfast or other meals. My sons (7 and 4) love it. They've sort of claimed it as their own. It keeps their corresponding mess out of the dining room.
The little bar is hinged, so it can be taken down if needed. Pretty neat for just a bit over $100. It reminded me of my paternal grandmother's tiny little kitchen back in Iowa. Her house, built in 1938, has this tiny little kitchen, and it had a pull up table which hinged right under the sink. I remember vividly eating meals in that kitchen, which was 1/3 the size of our kitchen. Interesting how our visions of an ideal kitchen have changed through the years.

Winter has come, with snowstorms and cold weather. The skiers are celebrating. I feel nice and comfy here in my bungalow, with plenty of warm colors to surround me.