Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Finishing touches on the girls bathrooms

I have a bad renovation habit. I get things functional, and sometimes leave the project for other attractions and distractions. Case in point, the two bathrooms in our basement that my girls claim. Both tiny, previously worked on, but I never painted the walls above the beadboard or put a shower in the tub in the east bath. Well, a 14 year old isn't too interested in taking baths, so it was time.

So, I devoted a couple of Saturdays to the finishing touches. Price tag, around $200 for shower curtains, a few plumbing parts, a plastic (cloudy) curtain to cover a window, some hardboard to cover a really yucky ceiling. I saved on paint--using two different colors from our endless stock of 1/2 empty paint cans. They look good, and both are functional, but that doesn't guarantee they'll stay clean. Teenagers are teenagers.