Thursday, November 08, 2007

Master Bedroom Maple Floor Comes to life

It took forever, but I'm done sanding and refinishing floors in this house. The last one, being the Master Bedroom, was finished late Saturday. Finally... Perhaps the best part, besides the change in what the floor looks like, is being able to move all the furniture back where it belongs. It is hard to live without a room when you've got furniture you just can't toss.

The floor was maple, and harder than the Fir I just did in the Computer Room. It had lots of great variation, with some pieces even being a birdseye maple. I sanded it with 40, 60 and 80 grit belts using a floor sander, then screened it with 100 grit, and vacuumed, and cleaned like mad. The finish is "traffic" which is a polyurethane with a hardener. I like it, and it is really resilient. It feels so good to have all those floors done.